Ring Panel ATI

Paint Booth Filtration

Pictured:  The ATI NESHAP approved, 3-stage exhaust filter combination for aerospace paint booth applications.

Farr 30/30 Pleated Panel Filter

Medium Efficiency Pleated Panel Filters (MERV 8-13)
Pictured:   The Camfil "Farr 30/30". The original high capacity, MERV 8 pleated filter with the lowest average pressure drop and longest service life. Guaranteed to outlast competitors’ filters  2 to 1.

Durafil ES Air Filter

High Efficiency Box Filters (MERV 11-16)
Pictured:  The Camfil Durafil ES 4V final filter. A high capacity, low pressure drop, mini-pleated filter with a long service life. The lowest Life Cycle Cost (LCC) filter available.

HiFlo ES Pocket AirFilter

High Efficiency Bag Filters (MERV 11-15)
Pictured:  The Camfil Hi-Flo ES bag final filter. A low pressure drop, long service life bag with non-drooping pockets and an ABS high-impact plastic header.  The Hi-Flo ES is the lowest Life Cycle Cost (LCC) bag filter available.

Absolute XS Air Filter

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters (HEPAs)
Pictured:  The Camfil XH Absolute. A 16-gauge metal-framed, low pressure drop, long service life HEPA. Efficiencies from 99.97% to 99.9995% on 0.3 microns.


Pharmaceutical Clean Room Ceiling and Wall-Mounted HEPA Filter Housings
Pictured:  The Camfil Pharmaseal. A fully-welded, ceiling-mounted, supply-side housing for Pharmaceutical clean rooms.  Also available for exhaust systems.

Glide Pack Multi 25

HVAC Side-Access Filter Housings and Frames
Pictured:  The Camfil Glide/Pack MultiTrack 25.  A side-access housing capable of accepting a prefilter, an intermediate or carbon filter, and a final filter.

Camsorb Canister Glide Pack

Molecular Air Filters, including Side-Access Filter Housings and Canisters
Pictured:  The Camfil CamCarb Cylinder Housing.  A side-access adsorber housing built to hold 16 carbon canisters per 24x24 section with 2" pleats at entry and exit sides.

GB Housing Bag-in Bag-out

Bag-In/Bag-Out Containment Housings and HEPA housings
Pictured:  The Camfil GB Bag-In/Bag-Out Housing.  A side-access, 11/14 gauge stainless steel, gasket-seal housing for HEPA or HEGA filters.

Termikfil High Temperature Air Filter

High Temperature Filters
Pictured:  The Camfil Termikfil high temperature HEPA filter. Used for pharmaceutical ovens and other high-temperature applications.


Specialty Carbon and Potassium Permangenate Media Filters
Offered in 2" and 12" deep disposable cartridges capable of handling odors through VOC and diesel exhaust applications.

Cottonwood Filter Screens

Cottonwood Screening
Placed on the outside air intake of residential, commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, these screens prevent cottonwood, grass clippings, and other debris from fouling coils and other components.


Hydraulic and Compressor Filter Replacements
Miscellaneous filters for industrial and healthcare applications.

Dust Collector Bags and Cartridges

Dust Collector Filter Replacements
Cylindrical, bag, envelope and pleated bag replacement filters.

UV Resources RLM

Ultra-Violet Lighting
Pictured:  UV Resource's RLM Series.