Pharmaceutical:  As the leading supplier of air filtration products and filter services to the region’s Pharmaceutical Industry, RamAir partners with our pharma customers to manage their demanding filtration requirements. In addition, RamAir offers solutions to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership where typical energy expenses from moving air through the levels of HVAC and HEPA filtration is approximately 30% of the system’s total operating cost.

Healthcare:  RamAir’s record of success in Healthcare is unmatched for achieving required air quality levels while delivering significant savings.  The efficiency and the actual performance of the filters supplied by RamAir not only help reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections (HAI), but also deliver significant savings that include reduced HVAC energy costs, a reduction in waste, and decreased labor related to transporting, changing and disposal of the air filters.

Industrial:  From dust collectors to paint booths, cleanrooms to mini-environments, RamAir has the expertise and product lines to meet your needs.

Gun Ranges: If you train with firearms indoors, you know that discharging a firearm indoors creates a significant contamination load in the air.  The contaminants are not only an irritant, but with repeated exposure can be hazardous.  RamAir can provide superior products and help you create the best strategy to maintain the air quality of your gun range.

Commercial: Poor air quality can decrease your team's productivity.  Let RamAir help you select the right air filters to efficiently maintain the air quality in your facility.

Education: Gymnasiums, classrooms, labs, locker rooms, cafeterias, and auditoriums all require a different approach to air filtration.  RamAir can help you create an air filtration strategy that provides the best air quality with the lowest life-cycle cost  for each application in your facilities.