Filter and Ultra-Violet Lamp Change-Out Services

RamAir Service Technicians are experienced and highly trained on filtration and ultra-violet lamp requirements for working in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, industrial and commercial markets.  In St. Louis, the Service Technicians are proud members of Pipefitter's Local 562.

Filter Monitoring Service

RamAir also offers a fee-based Filter Monitoring Survey as a complement to their Filter Change-Out Services. On a monthly or quarterly basis, RamAir's Service Technicians examine all filters in a customer's facility and make recommendations on filters needing to be changed. The expense of this service is overcome by the savings in decreased filter purchases. RamAir changes filters when they need to be changed, as opposed to, changing on a scheduled or preventative maintenance basis. Reports are used by various departments including Maintenance, Infection Control/Industrial Hygiene, and Risk Management.