UV Lamps and Systems

UV Resources RLM
UV Resources DEF

RLM Extreme

The RLM (Remote Lamp Mount) UV-C system provides a 360° output of UV-C.  This is achieved by housing the ballasts in a box separate from the lamps.  The NEMA 4X box, which can be placed outside or inside of the air handling unit, has indicator lights which show  that each lamp is operating correctly. The lamps can be Encapsulated in a Teflon sleeve allowing for protection from glass and mercury in the event a lamp is broken.  Available single-ended lamp lengths are 33” and 61” allowing for minimum sizes to stock.  5 year fixture warranty and 1 year lamp warranty.  120-277 Vac .


The X-Plus is an affordably priced UV system that installs on the exterior of most any HVAC unit and projects the lamp into the air stream.  Standard output lamps range in length from 17” to 60”.  The NEMA 4x rated housing has a lockable entry allowing for controlled entry to the ballast.  Encapsulated (Teflon sleeved) lamps are available.  3 year fixture and 1 year lamp warranties.  120-277 Vac.

DEF Series

The DEF series is available in either standard output or high output.  The high output fixtures provide up to two times the UV-C of the standard output option.  These fixtures are constructed out of 304 stainless steel and have six ½” electrical knockouts for convenient wiring.  The Plug-N-Play wiring design allows for quick fixture row assembly.  Ecapsulated (Teflon sleeved) lamps are available.  3 year fixture and 1 year lamp warranties.  120-277 Vac.

UV Resources Hornet


The Hornet is a product for the residential, or light commercial markets.  This product installs on the exterior of equipment while the lamp projects into the airstream.  Includes a single-ended 17” high-output UV-C lamp.  Fast and easy to install with a safe 24V low-voltage system.  120V plug adapter included.