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RamAir, Inc. Manufacturers

Air Solution Company Air Solution Company
Externally mounted cottonwood screening for cooling towers, air cooled chillers and condensers, and HVAC intake systems.
APS Water APS Water
Replacement filters for Millipore and other lab water applications

Paint booth filtration
Ring panels, pads, bulk rolls, bags
NESHAP approved filter products for aerospace applications

Camfil Farr

Highest quality filters at the lowest annualized cost.
HVAC filters: pleats, bags, boxes, mini-pleats, HEPAs
HVAC housing and frames

Carroll Manufacturing Carroll Manufacturing, Inc.
Commercial kitchen ventilation systems featuring the EnvironAir unit for complete odor and smoke removal from kitchen exhaust
ECO Environmental ECO Environmental Filtration, Inc.
Replacement dust collector cartridges and pleated bags
Fiberbond Fiberbond
Polyester pad, blanket, ring and link panel filters. Dustlok media.
Filter Mart FilterMart
Hydraulic and compressor filter replacements
Filtration Group Filtration Group
Miscellaneous filter products for all applications which include pads, ring panels, bulk rolls, bags, boxes, HEPAs, mini-pleated final filters
North American Filter North American Filter Company, Inc.
Air, gas and liquid filters for industrial applications. Air intake filters for air compressors.
Precision Air Products Precision Air Products
Customized and welded hospital surgical suite ceiling systems with HEPA diffusers, or laminar flow diffusers.
ProMark Associates ProMark Associates, Inc.
Manufacturers of alumina spheres impregnated with potassium permanganate ("purple balls"), carbon and various housings. "Total Spectrum Air Filtration and Purification System"
Technical Air Products Technical Air Products, Inc.
Softwall and rigid wall cleanrooms, fan powered HEPA modules, pass thrus, cleanroom lighting and ceiling grid, vinyl curtains and laminar flow benches
UV Resources

UV Resources
UltraViolet lighting for cleansing and decontaminating cooling coils in healthcare, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

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